Best way to make suggestion/request about

How can I send a suggestion/request about GitHub user experience?

Specifically, I think there should be a visible tooltip on the little “clipboard” icon you see all over the place, for copying text. One conspicuous example:

<clipboard-copy ..... aria-label="Copy to clipboard" class="btn btn-sm" ...>
<svg class="octicon octicon-clippy" .....><path ....></path></svg>


(But like I said, this button is used all over the place in the GitHub universe :slight_smile: )

I think the “clipboard” button looks like like a “paste” button – but I’m not looking for a change in icon, I just think it would be really wonderful if there were a visible tooltip with the same explanatory text that’s in the existing aria-label. On a personal level, unlabeled buttons make me feel… frustrated and stuck and trapped!!

EDIT: Ok this is fun – on this platform, the “copy” button is what I’m more accustomed to (but still no visible tooltip :sob: ) – I can’t share a screenshot b/c I’m a new user, only one embedded media per post, oh well – but you can see it yourself, if you’re looking at this post.

ANYWAY, I feel like this probably isn’t the best place to make a suggestion/request, but idk where I should send it, so I hope y’all can point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Nice idea! We actually have a feedback form here, so you can make sure the right people see it:

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