Best way to list all the dependencies of a repository

What could be the best way to list all the dependencies by just entering a repo name? I was trying to do this via GHTorrent (via GoogleBigQuery) but I assume it only shows events and not the actual dependencies of the project. Graphql may be the way to go. But can anyone lighten me up how can i achieve this? Isn’t there limitation to number of request for APIs? Also do I need OAuth token to access such manifest data from repositories? If that is the case, then graphql would not help my data analysis at all, as i aim to list dependencies for any given project in github.

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It looks like it’s possible with our GraphQL API.

It looks as though some clever person has put together a nice little tool for just this purpose. I haven’t tested it, but you can view the code yourself before installing:

In terms of rate limiting, with Graphql queries, there’s some math involved. Here’s the explainer:

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