Best way to do Action dashboarding

There seems to be a push even by GitHub (based on their latest twitch cast coming up) to use Actions as a CI/CD pipeline. While I am really liking the evolution of Actions what I am missing is a central location to see status in a logical flow. Using badges is “cute” and me even creating a hand crafted repo where its README is just a huge list of badges across just our main 40+ repos, its not helpful in a global view of a true pipeline that I think most people are used to seeing. I have seen a few “radiator” type projects but those don’t really seem helpful either. Does anyone have any good solutions? My team is pushing to grow more in Jenkins and I really can’t so no to that with the current state (lack) of a good Actions status dashboard for multiple repos.

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Thanks for your feedback.
Currently, GitHub’s organization dashboard or personal dashboard does not support the preview for the status of all CI/CD workflows.

GitHub takes your suggestions very seriously, and the suggestions are very helpful for improving GitHub.

I recommend that you can directly share your suggestions here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.


Our team was dealing with the same problem as yours, and we decided to develop our own dashboard solution at the end.

After using it as an internal tool for several months, we recently made it available as a SaaS.

You may check it out on or read our blog post for more information.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.