Best practices for managing multiple git clients?

So I am a bit confused. GitHub and GitLab and any place/thing that uses git requires the git software. There is a multitude of applications that utilize the git software to manage code.

My question is how to manage that myself? I’ve had lots of trouble with this before because the changes made to a local repo from one application may or may not appear or even be compatible with another application! For example I may make a change in on local repo with VS code and/or Jetbrains IDE and then switch to the git gui client but I get a god forsaken error condition that only a savant would know how to debug. As a developer I don’t like dealing with esoteric errors and such like that. I’d much rather deal with developing my own software.

So the question stands: how do you manage multiple git client applications?

Hi @Challenger-Redux thanks for coming to the community.
While I can understand your frustration here, it would be more helpful to describe a specific task you are trying to do and present the errors for each step that you have attempted.

It sounds like you want to upload your local files to a GitHub repository.
Describe what you have done in detail.
Copy any errors you got to this post.

Give this article on adding an existing project to GitHub a read to see if it helps clarify what may be going wrong for you.