Being able to label issues without write access: discussion

To me it seems that it would be useful to have an option to label issues even if you don’t have write access to a repository. For example, for open source development, usually only the core dev team will have write access, but there can be a lot of people ‘unofficially contributing’ which brings us to a problem of not being able to label your own issues, or issues you are working on (to mark them ‘in progress’, for instance). I understand there can be a lot of potential problems for more famous and successful projects, but I think having an option to enable labeling for anyone on a case by case (repository by repository) basis & allow people with read access to only assign labels (not create/delete) would go a long way for making open source projects more organised at each step, instead of requiring the maintainers to go over and manually label everything themselves.

I would be interested in your thoughts and perhaps some feedback from someone at GitHub, re is this something that can be done, etc, because I genuinely think the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages (at least, for organisations that want to have this option). I had a brief look around and haven’t seen anyone bringing this up, so I hope it’s not a duplicate. Cheers.