Beginner Python 3 Learner looking for a group of people to learn with or code mentors

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner Python learner and have worked through a few books mainly Python Crash Course which I found quite good. I now find myself stuck in trying to take the knowledge I have and turn it into useful programs.

I’m having trouble thinking programmatically and breaking things down into components that I can handle. Thinking about writing code and structuring it is much different than the way I normally think through projects. It also may be because I’m such a beginner I don’t know what my next steps are.

I’ve been learning completely independently until now but believe working with a group of people would be helpful.

Would anyone be interested in helping me out or learning together?

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I haven’t used python in a while, but i don’t mind learning it again.

To give a bit more detail:

I’m looking to learn how to automate excel spreadsheet work and to visualize data. I’ve worked a bit through automatetheboringstuff and found it useful but want to begin developing my own programs.

Example 1: A program to schedule workers that prints out an individual calendar based on the number of hours they need to work in a month, holidays and day and night shift.

Example 2: A chatbot that lets you search a sharepoint website so you can easily find documents.

I’m up for it if you want, do you have a base to work on?

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Hi mcorbau,

Thanks for the offer. I have created a repository for the software and a readme with the features I’d like incorporated. I’ll have to do some more thinking about what to export the documents as…probably excel.

Here is the link to the repository:

I end of working in places where people are still doing this work by hand! You can imagine how long it takes someone to schedule a monthly calendar of 50 people incorporating their holidays and day/night shifts. I’ve seen someone spend three days straight on it and I know there is a better way. No one should have to click that many times on an excel sheet !

If anyone else is interested in joining feel free to message me or fork the repository.

i want to join to your group! what should i have to do ?

Hi DanerSound,

Go ahead and fork the repository that I created for the tool. The Readme lays out what the program should do and how it should work. We can then start breaking the major tasks down into smaller problems.

I would like to learn as well. I read python is very user friendly. Unlike yourself, I haven’t a clue where to begin. I don’t even know where to get to a prompt. I am familiar with did some, but Linux is Greek ATM. Got some books from library to help. I’m a 55 y/o woman and probably won’t keep up. What time I can give I will. I have a very specific reason for the desire to understanding, utilizing and hopefully executing to see my needs. If accepted I will go into more detail. Thanks.
Jenn Cook
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I would love to. Let me know if you could use me. And look on projects board because I’m looking for help myself.

My apologies. I’ve just had issues regarding my devices and accounts compromised Dr the past year. How would/could I talk to privately?

Hi @messed-with,

No worries. As mentioned, if you’d like to invite other Community Forum members to collaborate or work with you, we recommend connecting with them via issues or official contact information contained in their GitHub repos, rather than sharing personal information. It looks like the OP linked to their repository in an earlier comment:

I’d connect with them there.

Hi Mrfactotum,

My name is Billo. I will be happy to learn Python with you. I am also a beginner Python learner using the same crash course you refer to in your statement. But I am having a different issue right now because whenever I try to migrate a database twice I receive an error message. What I mean is when I start a project with Django and create an app for the first time, I am able to make migrations. But when I add a new model and try to save the changes I receive an error message.

Did you encounter the same issue?

If yes how did you fix it?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Best regards.


I’m a python beginner and I’m interested in the work. 

Kindly lets me know next steps towards the project.

Every Failure is the base of success. You ask your questions on fb python groups. You can also read some books which provides for kids to learn python