beginner here… question on homebridge-minimal-http-blinds

HI all

I have blinds which works with GET POST http. I have Homebridge installed on a raspberry and now want to steer my blinds via HomeKit using homebridge-minimal-http-blinds

I understand that after installing homebridge-minimal-http-blinds i need to enter following text into the json file (of course with adjusted http Adresses):

“name”: “Kitchen Blinds”,
“accessory”: “MinimalisticHttpBlinds”,
“get_current_position_url”: “”,
“set_target_position_url”: “”,
“get_current_state_url”: “

What don’t understand, is where following text needs to be entered:

“get_current_position_method”: “GET”,
“set_target_position_method”: “POST”,
“get_current_state_method”: “GET”,

“get_current_position_expected_response_code”: “200”,
“set_target_position_expected_response_code”: “204”,
“get_current_state_expected_response_code”: “200”,

“get_current_position_polling_millis”: “500”,
“get_current_state_polling_millis”: “500”,
“no_cache_duration_millis”: “60000”

also into the json file? or where else?

pardon my dumb questions but I am not an expert at all… hope you can help me?

thanks in advance!!!