Beginner, created branch but can't find how to edit its code

Following the GitHub guide, I created a branch for my project, “Toronto_Neighborhoods”, but unlike the guide I don’t get a pencil to click on to start editing code. I have two choices, rename branch or delete.

[Toronto_Neighborhoods/Toronto_Neighborhoods.ipynb at 801f794b76b5289b0d59cb95432653d4b0f74a3b · robert53e/Toronto_Neighborhoods · GitHub]

When I click on the green Code button, the choices are “Open in GitHub Desktop”, and download using Zip.

I would like to edit the code on GItHub as demonstrated in the Guide.

Help would be most appreciated. Thank you. Robert

Hi @robert53e :wave:

Welcome to the Community!
Jupyter notebooks cannot be edited directly in the GitHub UI. Those will need to be updated locally in your environment and then have the changes pushed to GitHub.

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Hi @ernest-phillips,

Thank you very much for your kind welcome and that helpful information!

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