'Begin Import' nothing happens

Hello, I am trying to import a repo from bitbucket using the importer tool. I followed all the steps and clicked ‘begin import’. Now that button is greyed out and there is no information coming back to me. I don’t know if the import is happening and cancelling would interrupt it, I don’t know if the import failed, I don’t know why it might have failed. One thing I do know: a greyed-out button is not helpful feedback to a user at all! Thanks to anyone who can tell me what is going on!

Hey! Can you provide me some more context? For example:

What importer tool are you using? Links? Screenshots?

Yes, I am using github’s importer tool. I click on the plus symbol on the upper right of the view between the little bell and profile icons. I select ‘import repository’ This takes me to a form. I copy and past the clone url from my Bitbucket repo and fill in all other requirements (name, set to private). The first time I tried to do this the ‘begin import’ button greyed out after I clicked it, but nothing else happened. I eventually clicked ‘cancel’. The second time it greyed out as soon as I entered the clone url into the input window. I tried deleting the words ‘git clone’ from in front of the url and the button came back. But if I click it then I get a 500 error with no helpful information. Thanks!

So right now there is an API issue with GitHub, which is probably impacting you.


@Steffni give it a shot now and let me know what happens.

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Thanks! The button appeared to work this time when I removed the ‘git clone’ words before the url, so I clicked ‘begin import’. It then goes to a screen that says ‘preparing your new repository’. Exciting! but short lived. A few seconds later I get the following screen shared in the screenshot saying something about ‘your old project requires credentials for read-only access. We will only temporarily store them for importing.’ Ok, so I already have the credentials in there and I click submit. It goes back to the ‘preparing’ page for a few seconds, then it goes back to the credential request page again and back and forth and back and forth. I’m not sure if there are just 20 or 30 of these I need to go through or if something is not working.

See if any of the ideas in this thread help: Import Repository not working