Been with Github a year

Hello fellow programmers i have been with Github for a year now and i feel i barely scratched the surface on what this site can do and offer. I made a few repositories showcasing my work general files and contributed on a few repositories but i want more.

I have been told that Git is a very usfull tool for programmers can someone explain how to use Git and what can i contribute towards it. This may be a generic question but i would like the details if possible fellow members who are more experienced in the developement world.

Thank you.

For someone learning more advanced features of git, I always found this interactive tutorial an interesting way to play around with the features. I use this in my university courses and find that students always respond well to it:

Git Branching Playground

We will solve the “Introduction Sequence” levels in:


I recommend you take this course on git by Codecademy. That is how I started out programming git.

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Few interesting course, ebook and articles I would recommend here :–ud775

Hope this helps!!!

Thank you i will check it out and see what i can do.

I have not been on codeacademy in a long time since i started programming i will refer back to the site and learn the Git.

Thank you.

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