Been learning code and JS for the last month due to SSH attack and everything else

So I actually found ‘github’ amongst some files and stuff that my hacker leaves in his portion of my imac. About 6 weeks ago i realised i was hacked. badly. airport, my internet aint even mine, i was on another email, my mac had been mirrored and god knows who was waatchin. this was malicious and for money. im not stupid though so i started to learn and dig to fight back. didnt realise how rife hacking was. all my cameras, mics, devices wer watchin me 24/7 recording and sending the files to the cloud n who knows. everything, dictation was on, everything. god so much i find. but basically theyre using ‘bash’ have locked the server im on with ‘dhound’, i can blackbox the scripts via the browser im ons ‘view’ and JS tool, i learnt how to operate that pretty well, its self explanitory really. i can see the operators and listeners and i know who they are, i thihnk they are starting to get scared cos ive learnt what they know in a month or two. anyway, im trying to basically reverse this. i have money and i want to learn.