Bazel and Actions

Hi there,

We use Bazel to compile our code with wrapper scripts around it. Running these manually, or via Jenkins works fine, our CI pipeline compiles it roughly 30 times per day.

However when I run this via Actions, it fails with an environmental error. Basically it’s throwing

/usr/bin/env bash: command not found

I thought it might be because the shell command doesn’t load any profile or bashrc, so I set the shell to

shell: /bin/bash --login {0}

But that didn’t work.

So then I thought it might be because it doesn’t have an assigned terminal, so I changed the command to

run: /usr/bin/script /dev/null <buildcommand>

That also failed in the same manner.

If I log onto the runner and run build once by hand, then subsequent Actions builds work, so it looks like something environmental around Bazel startup/config

Has anyone seen a problem like this?

Kind regards