Basic non coder question :)

hello everyone, I have no idea how to code, or even use github, but there is a program I really want to use, it is an automation program, and unfortunately the application version of the program is no longer available on line (the website doesn’t exist anymore).

The code is still available on github however, and the person who made the program said that you could get the application from the bin/debug folder. I tried, i downloaded the the “master” files in zip format, extracted them, but when I click on any of the applications I get an error (in french so not very helpful for you guys).

here is the link to the program :

Can anyone please help me ? I’m sure the solution is very simple, I’m just completely lost :smiley:

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Unfortunately “an error” isn’t much to go on as to why things are not working. Given only that information, it could be anything :grinning: Also, I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “the ‘master’ files in zip format” because I don’t see any zip files in the project you linked to.

Can you give any more information that might help us answer your question?