Base Permission on a repository

Hey :slight_smile:

I am trying to setup an organization, in which every member has read access to internal repositories and no access to private repositories.

The docs say, internal repositories can be read by everyone - that is correct, but people cannot even star the repository, nor can they open pull-requests. Internal projects should have the triage-permission level, or atleast we should have the option to grant this permission level to everyone.

I have an internal onboarding repository in which I want people to experience forks and pull requests. Sadly, I cannot grant everyone triage permissions only for that repository. It is not ‘public’ on an internal basis. I have to invite every user or team one by one as triage - thats horrible. And if I make the base role (which also doesnt support triage btw) read-only, private repositorys become the same as internal projects - that doesn’t make any sense either.

How do I make all of our users automatically triages in that onboarding repo?

Hi @meiswjn, thank you for being here! On GitHub enterprise you can try enabling private mode so that only authenticated users can access private repositories.

Thanks for the reply, @andreagriffiths11.
Private mode is for GH Servers only, not the cloud.
And as much as I appreciate a reply from GitHub, private mode is not enabled to my problem at all.

The Roadmap teasers a solution for my issue by Q4.
Thanks, nevertheless.