Bandwidth difference between HTTPS and SSH cloning

I’d like to know if there are different bandwidth limits concerning cloning repositories via HTTPS or SSH, so that I can inform the users of my open-source repositories (this is important because one of the external tools which does the cloning of my repositories does not properly inform the user, so a slow git clone seems like a freeze, and users end up quitting because of that).

I noticed that when I clone one of my repositories using a https:// URL, it seems capped to 500 KB/s (with a very stable upper limit), but if I use git:// (SSH), the download speed is much more variable and can exceed 5 MB/s. The repository itself is fairly large (~80 MB), so this makes a lot of difference for our users (seconds instead of minutes).

We currently recommend users to stick with HTTPS, as suggested by Github and because it is simpler (no SSH key required), but nowhere in the documentation is this bandwidth difference mentioned, so I cannot find out if this difference is intentional and consistent, or if it is a specific situation that will not be experienced by my users.

Note: I went to and tried cloning both repositories, but they are so small that the speed does not seem representative; there was no significant difference between cloning them (545 KB/s for the HTTPS one and 600 KB/s for the SSH one).

Please contact private support so they can help investigate this issue. Download speeds are highly variable depending on hardware, software, location, and the route over the Internet that the data takes. There is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer but private support can help investigate if there is a problem.

When I posted the question, I assumed this was a standard policy written somewhere, and not a specific issue, since both protocols work anyway.

I’ll consider private support, but since this seems to concern few people, I’m assuming it must be specific to my case and not worthy of much attention.

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This issue happened to me too. ssh is extremely slow, I have to replace the origin address from to http:xxxxx