Badge is always showing "failing"

Hi there. For some reason I can’t figure out, the badge for my workflow is always showing “failing” even through the worflow is not failing. 

Here is the badge:

Here is the workflow:

It seems like the badge should be showing the success state. I really can’t figure out why it’s not. 

Anyone got any pointers? Thanks in advance.

Hi @badsyntax,

I looked into it quickly and don’t see anything wrong with your badge URL. Filed an issue internally to have someone take a look into it.

Thanks for the detailed report! 


Thanks @badsyntax ,

we’ve made a change to allow filtering by event types and defaulted that filter to the push event. Your recent successful workflow runs were all triggered by the release event, but by default the badge displays one of the older, failing push-triggered runs. 

As a quick workaround you could specify the release event explicitly:

but I can see how the current behavior is confusing, and we’ll take a look to change the default behavior.




We’ve deployed a change to not default to the push event, the badge you posted should now work as expected. 




Awesome thank you! :slight_smile: