“Bad Credentials” when trying to get an app to update a repository status

I’m trying to build a GitHub app, that sends status updates to a repository.

I managed to create one, but the icon is wrong, I guess because I used my own PAT. I want to use the correct authentication method.

I switched to Bearer based authentication, but now I get a “Bad Credentials” response in the JSON.

What is the correct way of doing authentication for GitHub Apps? I use v3 of the API.

Hi @itaibh Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

This sounds like something you might have better luck getting help with in our Platform-specific Community: https://platform.github.community/. Though you are very welcome to ask Platform questions here, that other forum is full of people who are pros with GitHub Apps, and you might get a quicker solution to your problem there than here.

Thanks again for being here! We’re glad to have you.