Backup email already in use

I am in charge of 3 github accounts.

  1. Personal account
  2. Work account.
  3. Account related to collaborative institute (also work related).

In order to create these separate accounts, I had to create new email addresses associated with each. This is OK, however, I would like to set one email address as the backup for all 3. Github does not seem to allow this. This seem like a bit much. Not only do I have to create a new email for every github account, but I also have to create a new (separate) backup email for each account? Is there any way to get around this?

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If you’re using Gmail for your email provider you might be interested to know that Gmail has a feature where you can use a suffix to the first part of your email address, allowing you to spawn “new” email addresses tied to the same Gmail account. For example you could use for the address and emails would still be received at your address. Some other email services also have similar features. This effectively means you can use the “same” address for all intents and purposes across the accounts.

I should point out that GitHub’s Terms of Service state that an individual may not maintain more than one free user account. Of course this won’t be an issue if your additional accounts are on paid seats on the organizations in question.

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