Backticks appear after the cursor, and then stack up

When typing a backtick into a comment on GitHub (to produce inline code), the backtick appears after the caret and any additional backticks just stack up on top of it, still after the caret: (Note that the caret is not pictured)


I don’t understand what’s causing this. When typing a backtick anywhere else, e.g. in this text box on GitHub Community to write this post, it appears normally like this:


What’s happening here? Is this an issue with GitHub / my browser / my computer (en_GB)? How do I get past it to write an inline code snippet?

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It seems it only looks as such, and actually works as expected when rendered as markdown. :thinking:

I think we need to include the environment information for reproducing the problem.

I’m seeing the same problem since a few previous versions of Firefox on Windows 11.
Following screenshots are taken in a new clean profile and the location setting is ja_JP.

Behavior of issue create form

I don’t see similar problem of backquote in other websites, only in GitHub.

I just found a workaround.

If you use Stylish addon on Firefox, overwrite font used on GitHub textarea by:

@-moz-document url-prefix("") {
input, select, textarea, button {
	font-family: "Noto Sans JP";

(Replace Noto Sans JP by a font you have)

Or, Unchecking Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selection above in Advanced dialog in Firefox Setting Fonts and Colors section also works around the problem, but it disables any WebFonts including icon fonts in every websites, so it’s not very useful.