azurerm_policy_set_definition Add various Policies TAGS (Terraform)

Hi guys

Hi guys

I am trying to create a terraform file to create an Initiative (Policy) that has several Policies to add several Tags and force their value.

I am using this template but I dont know to do that it have more Tags in this initiative.

name="testPolicySet"policy\_type="Custom"display\_name="TestPolicySet"parameters=\<\<PARAMETERS { "tagName": { "type": "String", "metadata": { "description": "Tag Name", "displayName": "Tag Name" } }, "tagValue": { "type": "String", "metadata": { "description": "Tag Value", "displayName": "Tag Value" }, "allowedValues": ["foo", "bar", "foobar"] } }PARAMETERSpolicy\_definitions=\<\<POLICY\_DEFINITIONS [{ "parameters": { "tagName": { "value": "[parameters('tagName')]" }, "tagValue": { "value": "[parameters('tagValue')]" } }, "policyDefinitionId": "/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/1e30110a-5ceb-460c-a204-c1c3969c6d62" } ]POLICY\_DEFINITIONS}

Can us help me?