Azure ServiceBus TopicClient Retry Policy

Hi Community,

I have custom Retry Policy class for my Azure TopClient. Class is inheriting from RetryPolicy and I am overriding the following method:

abstract bool OnShouldRetry(TimeSpan remainingTime, int currentRetryCount, out TimeSpan retryInterval);

From what I have observed, the first argument (remainingTime) is the total time of the operation being performed e.g. if its 20 seconds then the retry will occur only within this timeframe.

Question I have, is their a configuration of setting a timeout per attempt i.e. lets say from the above code the (remainingTime) is 20 seconds and when the first retry occurs I want it to timeout within x seconds but within the time frame of (remainigTime )?
This is to reduce each attempts during the timeframe of the (remainingTime)