Azure for Students

I had applied for GitHub student and my account got confirmed. I requested for the Microsoft Azure offer code and got it. But I am unable to redeem the offer code on Microsoft azure for student. Please help me with this as soon as possible.

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Hi @krishna9919!

If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend contacting Microsoft Azure support first to troubleshoot why the code you received isn’t working. They should have more information on their side about why the code is failing.

If that doesn’t work, I would recommend contacting GitHub Support directly so that we can pass your inquiry to the department that manages the Student Developer Pack.



Please tell me how you got to where you put in the code for them.
I’m having the same issue.
It’s opens my azure account but I can’t find where to input the code to start with.

Hi @emmytheo, did you contact Azure support? Were they able to help at all? 

i have Github student pack and i want use Microsoft Azure BUT i dont have a School mail or have get Any Code from github/Azure for verifying , can anyone help me?


Same here.
Don’t have a school email address.
Also there is no verification code available on the Github site


Same here. The offer just redirects to now

While I do have a school email, apparently it isn’t accepted because it doesn’t have .edu TLD (it has I can select verification with code on Azure, but I don’t have the code from GitHub, so I’m unable to verify myself.

Same… I have domain! I don’t have/didn’t get any Verification code! If you solve your problem pls reply here <3

Do any one Find any solution? I have the same problem, no Verification Code available on Github benifits page and I have no .EDU mailID.

Found A Solution.
Just logout from your current Microsoft Account and Login with Github from the sign in page.
After that Click on the link provided by Github pack.
it will verify you automatically without ANY code or .edu mail.

It does’t work either

The solution mentioned does work.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open this
  2. Click “Activate Now”
  3. In the upper right click “Logout”
  4. After logging out click “Sign in with different account”
  5. Then “Login with Github” from the sign in page
  6. Follow the process
  7. After successful linking, it’ll ask you to agree with the terms

Neither edu email nor verification code will show up.



Someone help me.

I tried applying for Azure, it says this -

We could not confirm your status as a student. Click here to begin the academic verification process. This process may take up to a few days. Once verification is complete, please come back and sign in with GitHub to redeem Azure for Students.

Any fix ? I am logged into Azure using the Github option, still it says the same.

did you find any solution to this dude?? , as i am also facing the same issue

Tried the same thing as Alec suggested. Don’t even get the GitHub option when trying to sign up for the student plan. Contacted GitHub, so I’ll see how it goes. Already contacted MSFT but got nowhere.

Still having the same problem here, any new solutions?

I had the same issue. To fix it:

  1. Unlink github account from your microsoft account.
  2. Go back to the student Azure page, click on “start free”.
  3. Then sign in with Github, the select an email address which is not linked to any Microsoft account.
  4. Then it will ask for details for creating the new MIcrosoft account and after completion, you will be redirected to fill in details for the Azure redemption.