AWS CDK (.Net) deployment with Github action workflow

Hi all,

I am using Github actions workflow for my continuous integration and I am newbie for Github actions.

I have AWS CDK project written in .Net Core 3.1.

I can deploy my AWs stack with this project from my local. But I want to do this in Github workflow now.

Can someone please give me some ideas on how to do this?

I was trying to use this action,

But I couldn’t get it working with .Net CDK project.

Are there any other free Github actions that I can use for this purpose?



I also found another 2 actions for AWS CDK from GitHub Marketplace, these 2 actions also can be used to deploy AWS CDK project.



In addition, you mentioned the AWS CDK project can be deployed from your local machine, maybe you also can try installing a self-hosted runner on your local machine to run the workflow.

I wrote a new .NET CDK GitHub action today, which may fit your requirements. :slight_smile: