AWS Actions disappeared from

Hi all, We have been ( :confused: ) running some Actions that relied on . This repository did disappear from the “actions” organisation an leads to a lot of broken builds and unhappy DevOps rangers over here :slight_smile: Do you guys have some insights on the why? “on purpose” vs “by accident” If “on purpose”: Can you recommend any alternatives? Is there any communication channel to be informed of the removal of repositories? Thank you, Cheers, Florian

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As was announced in this change log as well as in a message in the log and in the read me for the action. Both the actions/aws and actions/gcloud actions are deprecated in favor of the official actions from Amazon and Google respectively.

Thank you, @chrispat

Do you know if the archived content of actions/aws is still available? @chrispat

Sure the content is still around in a private repo but the action did not provide any additional value over calling the AWS cli.

For anyone else who finds themselves with this breaking their actions, I have a team member who is maintaining an action which includes awscli and a few other useful utilities.

Atlassian also has an image which would be useful for CICD: