Avatar not displaying on commits

I hope this is the right place to ask my question…
I recently changed my GitHub username. Dangerous, I know, but I really needed to for consistency. It seemed to work fine. I updated my .gitconfig file with my new username and primary email (yeah, changed that, too). I confirmed in the terminal that it was recognizing the changes.

I should mention that I am using Mac OS High Sierra and Atom as my IDE. When I made an edit to a project file in Atom and then opened the Git pane, I noticed my avatar wasn’t displaying. Instead it is the default one. When I pushed the commit to GitHub, I noticed the avatar displayed next to commits was the octacat. The name associated with the commits has changed, however, so it appears it is recognizing that change, but not displaying the avatar.

I did change my avatar as part of this process, and previous commits are displaying the new avatar instead of the old on both Atom and GitHub. It is just all new commits that are being affected.

Any suggestions?

Did you add your new primary email to your Github account, too? That’s what Github uses to detect who authored commits. If it doesn’t recognize the email address it’ll use the default avatar and the name in the commit.

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Yes, I changed my username, primary email, and profile picture first. Then I updated the .gitconfig with the username and email.

To be clear: The only part that isn’t working is the avatar the normally appears next to commits. It is displaying default avatars in both Atom and GitHub. The username is displaying next to commits in GitHub and it is updating the contributions with new commits.

Just decided to remove my profile pic and see what happens. The pic changed to one of those patterned ones and all of the older commits changed to that avatar. The commits since the change, however, continue to have the octacat avatar.

I took a quick look at your Github profile, and I can see that Github clearly doesn’t recognize the newer commits as yours. Yes, the listed name is the same as your username (presumably because it’s the author name in the commit), but it’s not linked to your profile like the old ones are.

What I can’t say is why that is. If the email is correct (exactly the same in your commits and in your profile) it’d have to be some Github-internal issue. Maybe caching regarding which mail addresses are on which account? But I can only speculate there.

If that is the case, then why are my new commits showing up as contributions??
I have submitted a ticket to GitHub in case it is an internal issue. Thanks for your help!

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I don’t think they are: Your public profile shows one contribution for today, the creation of a repository. The commits you pushed to that repository do not show up so far, though that could also be a matter of caching.

Aha! You are right. It shows that I made the new repository, but I just made test commits on ‘test’ and ‘kitten-clicker’ and neither of those are showing up. hmmm…

Could you do me a favor and do a pull request on ‘test’. just add a comment or something. I want to confirm that it works fine for other people.

Wow. I am so sorry for wasting your time. After you pointed out that the commits weren’t showing up in my contributions, I started investigating and found out that if you add .patch to a commit it displays information about the commit. Somehow it wasn’t until I viewed my email address there that I realized I was missing a letter in my last name. Fixed it and now it is working properly. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for the update, I’m glad you figured it out! That’s about what I suspected at first. :grin:

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