Automatically Sending Personal Skype IMs (within Pidgin) to Openfire - Is this possible?

We are trying to automate the sending of IM messages from Pidgin (from a Skype account running with Pidgin) to Openfire, but are having difficulty. I’m told that there is something about the coding/translating between Skype and Openfire or Pidgin that does not allow the messages to be moved from Pidgin to Openfire. Is there such a thing as an automatic forwarder in Pidgin that would send IM messages sent to a specific user to another IM account? I am totally out of my depth here as I am not a developer, but am just trying to help find a solution. Background - we are trying to capture market data that we send out on a Chat Platform that is not our own. This platform does allow personal Skype accounts to be added. So if the Skype ID is added to the blast sent out, then the data would go into Pidgin (where the personal Skype account is set up). Just need a way to get it from Pidgin/Skype to Openfire. Currently, the people blasting out the market info have to do it twice - once in the Chat Platform and once in Pidgin that has an Openfire account added into. We are trying to remove the step of sending the same blast out twice. Again, this is not my forte, just trying to help. Thank you.

is it possible that i have a second skype account??