Automatically publish action to marketplace on release


I have an action, but currently have to manually publish every new release to the marketplace. I have an automatic release setup, but have to do the following steps manually to get the new version in the marketplace.

  1. Go to the repo’s releases page and click on edit on the release I want to publish to the marketplace.
  2. Click on update release. Note that I do not change anything in the release and that the “Publish this Action to the GitHub Marketplace” is already checked and all checks are green.

The docs of publishing actions are not very explicit about it. I’ve also found this comment from @yanjingzhu that says it the lates version in the marketplace should update automatically.

This is my latest release (v1.0.4), for which I have not yet done the above steps to publish it in the Marketplace. And also the marketplace link for reference, which shows v1.0.3 as latest release.

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Hi @jdbruijn,

Automatic publishing for Actions isn’t available. It’s on our backlog to improve this. Sorry about that!

Okay, good to know! It would be really helpfull if that can be explicitly added to the docs section I referenced in my first message. That way other people don’t have to try and search a while to figure this out.


Any progress on this?
When can the new features be expected?

Sorry! No updates at the moment. We aren’t working on it yet. Teams are focused on a lot of other features.