Automatic release notes don't correctly compute new/existing contributors


See the ‘contributors’ in Release Version 0.1: Prototype MR1 · oppia/oppia-android · GitHub vs. Release Version 0.2: Prototype MR2 · oppia/oppia-android · GitHub. Note that all the changes in v0.2 (when compared with our mainline branch) include all the changes in v0.1. There are two issues here that I noticed:

  1. The list of contributors in v0.2 is smaller than v0.1 despite containing all of v0.1’s changes, plus more

  2. The list of new contributors for both (which I removed) only included ~3 people. v0.1 includes all changes from the beginning of the project up to that tag, so everyone should be a new contributor. I’d expect v0.2 to also list everyone per Automatic release notes don't work for certain release strategies or at least the new contributors since v0.1, but it seems to randomly pick a few people.

Is this a misconfiguration on our part, or an incompatibility with our release process? Or, is the list of ‘contributors’ based on the work items enumerated? I did manually remove items from “What’s Changed” for v0.2 that were already listed in v0.1.