Automatic PR linking behavior and exceptions?

In the docs, it mentions (at the bottom):

You can also use closing keywords in a commit message. The issue will be closed when you merge the commit into the default branch, but the pull request that contains the commit will not be listed as a linked pull request.

  1. Why is a commit message an exception?
  2. The issue title also seems to be an exception to this rule.

I tend to write commit messages like this:

fixes the broken thingy; closes #1234

When I open a PR for my branch, the title of the PR is automatically populated with the first line of my commit message.

But neither the title nor the commit actually performs the link, even though issue #1234 will be closed upon merge.

I imagine this can be worked around via a GitHub action, but I’m curious why the automatic linking behavior is only enabled for the PR description?

Hey @boneskull :wave:

Thanks so much for writing in! I’ve read your post a few times now and I think I may be somewhat confused.

I understand that titles don’t include the auto-linking behavior that you see in a commit message, or PR.

Though your questions of “why,” don’t these links work the way you suggest don’t have much of a substantive answer.

What I would recommend, is that you reform this post to our Product team, via this form:

…since it doesn’t sound like anything unexpected is happening.

That form sends your feedback directly to our PM team for review and consideration.

If there’s something that I’ve misunderstood, please let me know and we can address it here. :bow: