Automatic issue links don't appear in PR page

Hi there!

I’ve been using the auto-linking issues feature for quite a long time, by using the fix keyword in my commit messages, and then opening a PR to default branch.

This works well, and closes the linked issues when merging the PR.

But i just noticed there is a Linked issues section on the PR page, which displays ‘None’ even if i have commits referencing issues on my PR (to the default branch). It appears the only way i can add issues to this list is by manually selecting them.

Maybe i have missing something completely, but i would expect the issues i reference using fix to appear in the Linked Issues section.

Is there a way to do so ?

Thanks in advance.

Try to check files.


I’m not sure how “Issue templates” (or “PR templates”) are related to that matter.

My problem concerns this section on the right of a PR page, which stays empty regardless of the issues i mention in the commit messages.

Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 19.04.26