Automated instructions for step 18 did not complete for GitHub training course “GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration”

I’m working on the GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration course and am on the branch protection step but after enabling the protections and merging the branch, but the bot has not responded and I’m unable to complete the course.

The repo is here and the pull request is here

What is it I’m missing to complete this?

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Looking at the PR it seems like the bot was waiting for you to approve the PR (select “Approve” in step 4 of submitting your review). Instead you’ve merged and commented on the PR.

I’m not sure if approving the PR now will help (but definitely worth a try!), or if you’ll have to restart the course.

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I’m not sure I ever had an option to approve anything, just to submit a review:

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When you click the “review changes” button you should have the option to select one of:

  • Comment
  • Approve
  • Request changes

That option never appeared and when i tried to add an additional commit the message is: file creator cant approve

Hm, I wonder if there’s a bug in the course, maybe cause by a change to the GitHub UI that the course didn’t follow? I don’t see an issue about that specifically, but there are some bug reports in the course repository:

Maybe check if there’s a matching one I missed, and if not create an issue about how that approval is supposed to work? :smiley_cat:

thanks, i might delete the repo and work thought the process again, to confirm if it was me that made a mistake.

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