Automate an hourly check for the RF device configuration in multiple WMS servers

Hi All,

First of all, this is my new and first conversation in github community.

I have a requirement to automate few of the work that we do maunally for every hour, which is pathetic and time consuming process. We have the same thing doing in 20-30 servers of the same environemt with configuration diffence each hour for multiple locations.

Current Scenario and requirements :

Each server is configured with the Wavelink administrator for the RF Guns for the scanning.

We have RF emulator installed in the servers to test the device virtually with the following details (host name, ip address and the port number differing in each location).

is there a way to create a batch/any basic script to check and output the result in a notepad/anyhow.

Please suggest/let me know if you need any additional infomation. Happy to provide you.

Many Thanks in advance

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