Autolink references validation is too strict

Hello, I’m using GitHub Enterprise Server 2.19.5 and my reference prefix is a single letter (W-), but when I try to add an autolink reference, I see: 

Reference prefix is too short (minimum is 3 characters) and Reference prefix must only contain letters, numbers, or -:/

Please consider relaxing the validation, especially around reference prefix length. Thanks!


HI @dannywils,

Thank you for being here! Although we don’t have a workaround at this time, we’ll pass this along to our product team. I can’t promise if or when this might be addressed but your feedback is in good hands!

Using Rally and the prefix is just 2 characters followed by a number. US<num>. We cannot create a prefix of US due to the above constraint. Also, we cannot add 10 autolinks US0, US1, US2 … US9 due to prefixes not allowing numbers. If either of these were changed then we would be able to use the autolinks feature with Rally.

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The limit is too short for us, too. We’d like to use it for Clubhouse references (chXXXX) and Productboard (pbXXXX), but the 3-char limit blocks us.

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We’re using Jetbrains YouTrack, and it’s task ids can be as short as X-1.

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We are also using Rally, I thought an option would be to use the prefix RALLY- but the restriction is that it must be followed by only a number, thus RALLY-US1234 does not work.

Both of the restrictions are making it difficult to auto link with Rally.
Either allow US only as a prefix, or relax the ‘appended by a number’ restriction, the first being preferred.

For now resorted to using US- and asked developers to add the dash when copying the work number from Rally.

this feature is awesome, but i also agree this is too much restrictive.
my prefix is “W-” can’t do otherwise.