Autolink References Not Valid When Nesting <num> in the Hostname

I am trying to create an autolink reference to Netlify’s deploy preview url format. Netlify uses the following format for determining URLs to their deploy previews which build for every Github PR.

https://deploy-preview-[PR number]–

However when I try to put <num> in the in the url I get a Target URL is invalid. This is a common format for a popular service that would be useful for autolink references to be working for.

You should allow <num> to be added to the hostname instead of strictly as a param in the url.

Here is a screenshot…

Hi @tlambrou—thanks for taking the time to reach out in our GitHub community. We appreciate your detailed feedback, and I’ve taken note of your suggestion and screenshot (thank you!) and passed it onto the appropriate engineering team for consideration in future conversations about how to improve this feature and GitHub.

In the future, the best way to provide feedback is to submit this through our product feedback form—which gets logged with our product team. While we cannot respond to all feedback submissions, we do consider every request and really appreciate our users taking the time to give us feedback.

Thanks again for sharing this feedback with us.