Autolink reference support for non-number URLs

I’d like to see support for autolink references that includes non-number URLs. For example:

TICKET-82vt64 →

Some members of our team recently started using ClickUp and it has been frustrating not having the same integration features as others using Jira.


This is already possible if you go to your repository’s Settings and look for “Autolink references”:

This is incorrect. Currently Github autolink references only support number references when referencing external resources using the <num> tag.

I am requesting support for references that include both numbers and letters like the example i provided.


Oh yes, of course :man_facepalming: Sorry for not looking a little more closely, my bad!

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Seconding this issue – several PM platforms use alphanumeric IDs and GitHub is not compatible with them. My team is also facing this issue.

  • 1 for this. Would help a lot to integrate into what my team is already using for PM.

Plus-one for this. ClickUp user.


Plus-one. We’re using ClickUp too.

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Same here, I wish this feature supported alphanumeric ID’s (for ClickUp, not that it matters).

The only workaround I’ve been able to think of would be to build our own GitHub app which would receive webhooks for pushes to a repository, read the commit messages for each commit to look for cu-[a-z0-9]+, and add a comment on them to link the referenced ClickUp issue. Does anyone have a better idea?

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Another plus-one for ClickUp!

+1 for this request, to support Trello cards, which have the format:

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Sentry is affected by this too as their short ids are alphanumeric.


And another vote for supporting mixed char URLs, as our Sentry and FrontApp IDs ( are alphanumeric/mixed.

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+1 We are ClickUp users.

+1 Sentry issues use alphanumeric ids.

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+1 Reason: ClickUp :+1:

+1, our company uses an internal bug tracker with alphanumeric IDs