auto-stop previous travis-ci build (from previous commit), and restart a build also


I am currently waiting a previous travis-ci build to complete (it looks like that at least), when I already found the problem, fixed and uploaded a new commit.

So the new commit build is there waiting some available CPU I guess.

I wonder, if a pull request, with 2 or more newer commits, if the newest commit could make the other commits auto stop building?

Or at least, if all devs/contributos (to their own PRs), could have access to a button to completely stop any build.


Sometimes, one of the builds fail, to some specific platform, like failing to download something, not a commiter’s fault in short, so if we could have a button to restart that specific build to avoid having to create a new dummy commit to the PR look as travis-ci build successful, it would also help a lot :slight_smile:

PS.: I think this is not project specific right? so I didn’t post it at:

Hi @aquariuspower,

This looks like something Travis CI support might be better able to help with. I’d recommend checking their documentation or their repo README  for contact and support information.

That said, we would be happy to double check this if you can provide us with a link to the pull request in question. If it’s part of a private repo, please feel free to reach out to our private support team. You can reference this thread for background.

If you do reach out to Travis CI and find that the issue originates with GitHub, we’d definitely love to see your findings and review this further.

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I barely know how travis-ci works,

and I am not the maintainer of the project, just a contributor,

if travis-ci had a forum it would help I guess,

as whatever I ask them I wont be able to test as fix/workaround on the project.

well, of course the build already ended but I guess you can access the logs for details of start time etc.

but… at that time I had about 8 PRs that were merged already

and… the datetime Jul 15 16:23 of this OP isnt even near of any of my commits I can track thru gitk (timezone?)

so… I think it was this PR but I am not sure anymore…

was a lot of things going on and not being project specific I didnt copy the travis-ci build link at that time sry :confused:

All commits on a PR start 10 build jobs (10 platform targets/variants),

some of them could be compiled before others, precisely the 9th one (windows build) is the more restrictive, using mingw32, and checks for more things than others, therefore more prone to fail and require adjustments.

I can’t prioritise it over the others and have to wait like 5min for it to complete, but would be better if we could just let it compile using all available cores before all others to not lose time.

So, may be all this could be redirected to Travis CI support,

I added extra info above just for completeness of the troubles,

I will look on how to contact them thru these links you provided,


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