Auto Image Processing - Pattern to Object Application

Hi, this is my first time posting a question here.

I would really like to know how does this auto processing image made.

Please check spoonflower . com and see their products.

Basically they sell pattern design and they have like thousands or even million of pattern design in their product listing.

And if you look closely, all of the products shown are using the exact same object to show how does their pattern looks when applied on those objects (bed cover, pillow, sheets, etc).

Moreover, it is a public marketplace which allow anyone upload their design and sell it there.

I believe that they have some sort of scripting for image processing which make the user needs only upload their pattern design in certain format and the engine will take care of the rest for editing the image to be applied on those objects.

My question here is, how do they do it?

To be clear, the images are pre-processed and stored. If you look at the web page source, they are showing image files - the image processing is not done “on the fly”.

I can think of two possible techniques being used:

  1. Composite image

  2. Texture mapping

The specifics of how it works depend on the software used in the back-end submission process. E.g. they might have a set of Adobe Photoshop processes which map the submitted texture against their predefined templates, generating the static images to show on the site.


Finally, a reply!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I don’t think they’re using composite image technique.

I will try to look on the texture mapping technique.