Auto-generate/update files when creating/switching branches

I’m hoping someone will be able to help me with this as I cant seeem to find any documentation or mention of this anywhere.

I would like to have a file within my repo which will be common to every branch and follow the same template but with different contents depending upon the branch.

In my case I would like to keep branch details like the branch name and owner in a format which is predefined.

For example, branchDetails.txt would have:

branch name : %BRANCH_NAME%

owner : %OWNER_NAME%

I am wondering if there is a way to have github automatically update a template file within the repo to create a local version for each branch. I would then add this to a .gitignore file to ensure I never overwrite the template.

The file would have to be updated when a new branch is created and also when I switch working branches within sourcetree or using gitbash.

If github cant automatically do this, can it run a batch file which I could create that would update this file for me when I create a branch or switch branches.

Any help on this woudl be great thanks.


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Thanks @that-pat. As you can probably tell this is my first post so I havent spent much time in the forums. 

No worries at all! We’re glad to have you and I hope you get the answer that you’re looking for. :smileyvery-happy: