Authorizing Github App's SSH keys with SAML SSO Organization

This article talks about authorizing personal SSH keys for Organizations that have SSO enabled

But I’m interested in using a Github App’s private key to authenticate against an Organization that has SSO enabled. There seems to be no option in the UI for doing that

Context: We would like to use the Github App’s private keys in our CI system instead of creating a machine user / bot. Our Organization has SSO and 2FA enabled for all users

I’m not certain I understand. It sounds like what you’re describing is that you want to use the key that was generated for your GitHub App to clone one or more repositories in your CI system?

If I’m correct, then I’m pretty certain that you can’t use that specific key that way because only user SSH keys or deploy keys are allowed to clone, to my understanding. Your GitHub App, if given the appropriate permissions to your organization by an administrator, could be used to generate deploy keys though.

I hope that helps!


Did you find a way to use GitHub APP key in jenkins? I am looking for same solution that doesn’t require service account ssh/token.

Thank you

It’s available now if you looking for this