Author unrecognized pull request problem and CLA Signed


Yesterday I collaborated with a project sending a  pull request , the computer was not configured by the git user and the commit appears as an  unrecognized author :

Then I requested the pull request, and he asks me for a CLA signature to finish being completed. But as the author of the commit “is not me” I can not sign:


The e-mail that sent the commit was calero@macbook.local, therefore I can’t add it.

I have already fixed the configuration on my computer for the future, but how do I solve the pull request?

The pull request has been acepted manually.

It’s all okey.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will answer it anyway for future googlers :slight_smile:

There are different reasons why your committer email is unrecognized , so to troubleshoot this problem, you need to start by asking - is the listed email address is your correct email address?

A. Right email address - you need to add this email address to your GitHub account

B. Wrong email address - you need to fix your git config and to rewrite your history

You have a more detailed guide in this link:


Hi all,

If you did not add the email address to the local repository in your local machine, you will receive the instructions in each commit to fix this. It shows the steps that you want to follow as well.