Authentication problem

I went through the steps provided for setting up an SSH key for GitHub authentication, with the final step being creating .bashrc to auto-launch ssh-agent on Git for Windows. Everything seemed to go correctly.
I am still unable to push in Git Bash.
The error message asks me to use a personal access token, but I thought that was what I had set up. The error message I am seeing is the same as what I got before setting up the SSH key and adding it in GitHub.
What could I be doing wrong?

It’s difficult to be sure without seeing the exact messages, but that sounds like your local repository is still configured to access the GitHub repository (a “remote” repository) using HTTPS (which requires a PAT) instead of SSH (which would use your key pair).

See Git - Working with Remotes for how to check your remote configuration.

If your repository is still configured with an HTTPS URL for the GitHub remote, you can use the git remote set-url command to change the URL to SSH.