Authentication issues are beyond my imagination

Today I had a serious bug on my credentials, my local repo was not available, I changed nothing. I was working since last friday as usual, no issues. I tried to login on the website, not on client, this thing was not allowing me to enter.

I used the forgot password method, reset my password several times, no avail. 

I end up getting an old password from my keychain (I’m mac user) and copied to password and worked.

My email is the same as my account, I don’t understand WHY github does not allowed me to enter, I consider it very bad because users want to have the same feature on both, client, web and whatever they wanted to do. 

Impressed me a lot the fact I could not reset my password using the easy method as I did several times on websites like amazon, ebay, facebook etc.

Its time to github make something better on their authentication services because the current one its just not good enough.