Authentication Error, how to stay logged in

When I visit the page I am prompted to ‘Sign In’. This is despite the fact that I am signed in on another tab. I am using login/password and Google Authenticator for 2FA.

Worse, if I am on a page such as and there is a line which reads (for example) “Merge pull request #21 from nextid/FIX/build-config”, I cannot visit the linked pull request #21 without again be asked to ‘Sign In’. When I click on that link, I am redirected to a 404 error page. Once I click the ‘Sign In’ button, I am immediately able to see the pull request.

There is clearly an authentication problem and it’s killing my productivity! How do I stay logged in?

PS - This may or may not be related to BitDefender Anti-Tracker.

Hi there,

I’ve been encountering the same issue on my end. I’m using Google Chrome (83.0.4103.61) on macOS Catalina (10.15.4).

As you mentioned at the very bottom of your post, the issue seems to be related to the BitDefender Anti-Tracker extension.

I ended up trying to debug this issue earlier this morning.

Disabling protection for doesn’t seem to fix the issue for me. The only thing that’s worked so far is just outright disabling the extension.

Hope this helps!

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Exactly, I discovered the same thing. In addition, it was causing me problems with Google Calendar and Drive. I was creating exceptions that were partially but not fully successful. So I have disabled BitDefender Anti-Tracker.

The issue may be considered SOLVED.