Auditlog information using GraphQL

I am trying to fetch auditlog information for my github organization using the search filter  actor:robert_sen action:protected_branch.destroy action:protected_branch.policy_override  to monitor if anyone overridding the branch protection policy for the branch ‘xxx’ (not the default branch) which is set in their repository settings. 

Is it possible to get the same using GraphQL? 

Hi @florasamuel,

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I have a similar need so iterested if you get an answer. Our testing also suggests that the audit log does not update for branch protection disablement. Not clear that the audit log is complete. 

Did you ever get an answer? I have a very similar issue, and I’m hoping there’s a method to solve it. Deadlines, you know?

No reply so far

Hey @florasamuel , i’m also interested in this data which seems not accessible through graphql API.

Where did you submit your ticket to?

Any updates as of yet?


Ditto… Would appreciate support for this feature.