AuditEntry for git.clone

i’m trying to audit my organization for any clone events that took place.
I would like to use GraphQL as it also provides useful information such as actor_ip etc.

I noticed that so far AuditEntry is only Implemented by some events and Git Clone is not one of them.
Is there a different route to achieve what I want (in general, clone events with their source IP)?

Hi @OmerGull, welcome to the community, there is some mention of this in GitHub documentation which i have referenced below for you.

To access Git events in the audit log, you must use the audit log REST API. The audit log REST API is available for users of GitHub Enterprise Cloud only

Documentation reference: REST API - git category actions

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Hi @byrneh, thank you!
I actually looked into this REST API but I was not able to retrieve the actor_ip from it, just the actor_location (country).
Am I missing anything?

Hi, yes its missing, missing and events and in some cases missing but needed event data is something I raised with the product team during the beta.
I was under the impression that enrichment of the event data and number of events covered would be happening during this year.
Hopefully a helpful staff member reading this will check with the Audit product development team to give an indication of if and when the ip address will be added.

I will also make some more direct enquiries on this and other items I have raised, if I hear anything I will share onwards also.

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