Attended: Making Twitch Bots that talk to the GitHub API, Let’s chat!

Hi everyone, :wave:

If you are planning on joining the live stream tomorrow Thursday, February 4, 2021
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST with @bdougie and @mishmanners about Twitch bots
you’ve come to the right place. :tada:

Check out the stream as @bdougie & @mishmanners show you how to make a chatbot for the GitHub Twitch channel. :robot:

After the stream, join the conversation here. :arrow_down:


Thanks everyone for joining the stream. We hope you enjoyed it.

Here’s some of the links we mentioned:
Git Twitch repo: GitHub - bdougie/git-twitch: this is a webhook for github and twitch interaction
Bey bot repo: GitHub - open-sauced/beybot: This is a twitch bot built with the ComfyJS library 💅🏾
Smee: | Webhook deliveries
Octodex for GitHub gifs:
GitHub Meetup group: GitHub Virtual Meetup! | Meetup Pro - Meetup

Stick around and chat to people here and if you have suggestions for more cool things we can build or you have feedback from the stream let us know. Looking forward to bringing you more awesome streams.


And if you missed the session, watch all the action here: Open Source Friday - How to create a GitHub chatbot for your Twitch stream - YouTube

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Thanks everyone for coming once again.

If you want to see the links we used on stream:
All the links above, plus:

Let us know what you thought of the stream :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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