Attempting to release action to the market place

Create several actions in the past, and finished another one yesterday but for some unknown reason I can see the draft release bar at the top:

But when I click it isn’t possible to publish to the market place:

Same when editing existing releases:

Any idea what it could be? The docs aren’t very helpful on this topic, and neither is the UI. Action repository:

I checked your action , you has a action.yaml file. Could you please rename it to action.yml? Action.yml could be recognized when publish to marketplace.

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Thanks that seems to work. Even though lists action.yaml as valid action file :rofl:

Sorry for the confusion. I have reported this action.yaml issue to engineering team. I will keep you posted if they fix it or give an explanation for the current behavior .

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Should have known, build half to a dozen actions before. But never run into it suggesting to release it but not letting me release. As long as the documentation is up to date I really don’t care which is the correct naming as long as what the documentation states works :rofl: