Atom github login - login button does not work

I have setup a repo and I am trying to login to github from within atom. I go to the link it says to use:, I generate the api key, and paste it into the field provided. When I click the login button, nothing happens. No matter how many times I click this button, absolutely nothing happens. I have tried generating new keys and even entering bogus ones, and nothing happens. No errors, nothing.

I am running a fresh install of Arch Linux with atom and git installed.

Does anyone know why this button is not working?




I’m running into the same thing on MacOS. It’s driving me nuts.

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Hi @jluckenbill and @frostedechoes,

It looks like this issue was reported in the Atom repository and seems to have been fixed in a recent release. Please update Atom if you have not recently. If that doesn’t fix the problem, I would recommend submitting an issue in the Atom repository.