Atom & Electron With Microsoft

So with Github being aquired by Microsoft will Atom and Electron be aquired by Microsoft too? And if so what are the good alternatives to Atom and Electron.

I am sad about this but I don’t blame Github for doing this since who wouldn’t turn down billions of dollars. I hope in the long run the creators of Github make a new platform like Github and never sell it out since the won’t need the money just like Brian Action who made WhatsApp that is funding Signal Messanger.

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To address your question, I’d recommend checking out this AMA from Nat Friedman that specifically talks about the future of Atom:

I also want to mention that the news of our entering into an agreement to be acquired by Microsoft does not change our developer-first ethos, and our commitment to the open source community and businesses across the globe. We’ll remain an open platform and we will continue to serve developers in all industries.

We’re excited about the future for both GitHub and the developer community at large. I hope that you’ll stick with GitHub and help us make the future a brighter place, but I do understand if that’s not something you feel comfortable doing. In either case, please keep developing code and changing the world for the better.