Atom and github

Ok so I’m confused! I’ve been following the videos, and guides.  I tried editing item.html.  Couldn’t see any changes, I created a new save: github_atomtesting.  I see the change in github desktop app.

Two questions does it not change in real time?  I tried hitting refresh and saw no change.  Then when I opened the app a day later and I see the change in github_atomtesting, but not in item.html?

Is there a more in-depth guide for using atom to edit text?

I have never tried anything like this before, so feel free to laugh.  Thanks for any help!


I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying the problem is. The screenshot you shared displays a file called index.html not item.html. I don’t know what github_atomtesting is all about because you don’t describe what you’re using that file for.

But, from what I see in the screenshot … the contents of index.html in Atom and GitHub Desktop are different most likely because you haven’t yet saved the changes you made to index.html in Atom. You can see that the changes aren’t saved because of the blue dot in the tab of the currently active file. You may want to review the Atom Flight Manual, specifically the section on editing and saving files. Until you save the file, your changes won’t show up in other applications such as GitHub Desktop.